Teacher Effectiveness Plan Components

Components of the Plan

A.  A set of professional practice standards applicable to teachers; (complete)

  • After much research and discussion, the Evaluation Committee decided to recommend Danielson’s , The Framework for Teaching Evaluation Instrument.  We are currently using the Framework for Teaching as part of our current evaluation system and working with  WestEd to refine the system.  Click on the link above to learn more about the instrument.

B.  A set of professional practice standards applicable to principals;

C.  Student learning and growth measures;

D.  A description of other measures of educator effectiveness, if any, that will be used in  determining the educator’s summative effectiveness rating;

E.  A description of the four rating levels and the method of combining the multiple measures of educator effectiveness, weights, targets and actual performance to arrive at a summative effectiveness rating  for an educator;

F.  A description of the results and consequences of being placed in each of the rating levels;

G.  Implementation procedures, including but not limited to training requirements for evaluators and the process for making and reviewing “teacher of record” determinations;

H.  A description of how educators were involved in development of the system, and how they will be trained to ensure that they understand and can fully participate in the system;

I.  A description of how teachers, principals, administrators, school board members, parents and other members of the public were involved in development of the system;

J.  A description of when and how the Steering Committee was formed and the mechanism by which the Steering Committee’s review will lead to revision of the PE/PG system to ensure that it is aligned with school administrative unit goals and priorities; and

K.  A description of the PE/PG system pilot, and what changes, if any, were made to the system plan as a result of the pilot.


Design thoughts

As we go about developing the teacher evaluation system, we want to keep in mind a design that…

  • Is supportive and not punitive
  • Provides professional development around the standards
  • Allows for an individualized growth plan
  • Is fair and equitable
  • Is manageable for teachers and evaluators
  • Is around meaningful data
  • Provides support without enabling struggling teachers
  • Acknowledges personal and professional responsibility
  • Provides for reflective practice

Is there anything else we need to add?  Please comment below.

WOCSD Teacher Evaluation Blog

The intent of this blog is to keep Teacher Evaluation Committee members and teachers informed of the proposed changes in teacher evaluation that stem from Chapter 508 20-a, the Teacher Effectiveness Statute.  Please take some time to read the law and proposed rule changes.  You can let us know what you think by entering a comment.